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Past President Lessons

Consequently, indeed, I have put in living looking into the lives of presidents who are no longer surviving and enjoyed company from Waking up with Abraham Lincoln in the morning hours, thinking of Franklin Roosevelt when I went to bed during the night. But when I try and considercarefully what I've learned about the meaning is obviously, my mind keeps wandering back in a seminar that I actually took when I was a graduate student at Harvard with the truly great psycho therapist Erik Erikson.

He educated us that the millionaires and fullest lives strive to achieve an interior balance between three mind spaces: work, love and play. And that to go after one realm to the disregard of the other, is to open your self to ultimate sadness in older age. Whereas to pursue all three with equal dedication, is to make possible a life filled not only with achievement, but with tranquility.

So since I notify stories, allow me to look back again on the lives of two of the presidents I've studied to demonstrate this point -- Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon Manley. As for that first sphere of work, I actually think what Abraham Lincoln's life suggests is the fact fierce ambition is a good thing. This individual had a huge goal. But it really wasn't simply for office or power or celebrity or fame -- what it was for was to accomplish something worthy enough in life so that he could make the earth a little better place for his having lived in it.

Even as a child, it seemed, Lincoln subsequently dreamed heroic dreams. This individual somehow had to avoid that hard-scrabble farm that he was born. Not any schooling was possible for him, except a few weeks here, a few weeks there. But this individual read books in every spare moment he could find. It was said if he got a copy of the Ruler James Bible or "Aesop's Fables, " having recently been so excited he could hardly sleep. He couldn't eat. The great poet Emily Dickinson once said, "There is not a frigate like a book to adopt us lands away. very well How true for Lincoln subsequently.

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