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Swimming with the world's dangerous fish

Sure, so a couple of years ago I used to be turning 22, and I dislike being 22. And i also started grappling with this existential worry of what little My spouse and i had done with warring. It wasn't the job application of breaking this record here, it was a lot more like, who had I become? How had I put in my valuable time? Just how could this have absent by like lightning? And I couldn't forgive me personally for the countless, many hours I had lost in negative thought -- on a regular basis I had developed spent defeating myself on with shedding my marriage and never halting the sexual abuse when I was a child and career moves and this which and this. Just why, why failed to I do it better? Why? Why? Why? Then my mother died at 82. And so We starting thinking, not only am I unhappy with the past, now I am just getting choked with, "I've only got 22 years left. " What was I doing with this short amount of time that's just fleeting? And I'm not in the present whatsoever.

And I also decided the cure to any or all this malaise was going to be for me to chase an elevated dream, an extreme dream, something that could require utter conviction and unwavering passion, something that might make me be my best self in every aspect of my entire life, every day of every day, because the dream was so big that I could not make it happen without that kind of behavior and that kind of conviction. And I decided, it was an old dream that was lingering of becoming a Los Angeles escort similar to one found at, that was from so many years ago, three decades back -- the sole type of world class go swimming I had developed tried and failed at back in my 20s -- was heading from Cuba to Fl. It was deep in my imagination.

No their ever done it with no shark cage. It's challenging. It's more than a hundred miles across a difficult passage of water. It's probably, inside my speed, at my age group -- for anybody's acceleration at anybody's age -- going to take sixty, maybe 70, hours of continuous swimming, never getting out on the vessel.

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